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Immanuel's Land The land of Israel is a subject of perennial interest to all who love the Holy Scriptures. There has been great interest in the phenomenal developments which have taken place there since the founding of the State ...


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A Holy Nation In view of the importance of the subject and its bearing on current events we return to the question of the disciples' attitude to politics. It is sometimes urged against the view expressed in February "Comment, that ...


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"I will build My Church" During the past 1900 years or so secular historians have traced the progress and struggles of mankind, have pointed to the landmarks in man's tortuous history, and have attempted to give a pattern and a ...


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Middle East Cauldron At the time of writing, the military operations in the Yemen, the protests of President Nasser of Egypt, and the visit to Cairo of Mr. Krushchev, all point to mounting tension in the Middle East. Threats and ...


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Unity: the False and the True Next month's resumption of the Ecumenical Conference in Rome is provoking further discussion on the subject of the reunion of Christendom. While many look hopefully for progress towards a basis for reunion there is ...


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British Commonwealth The Commonwealth Prime Ministers' Conference held in London in July last emphasized the changing face of world politics. The British Empire, built to its zenith during the Victorian era, is now no more. It has been replaced ...


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Papal Pronouncement On the eve of the resumed Vatican Ecumenical Council Pope Paul made an important statement reaffirming the Roman Catholic concept of Papal primacy. He said he was distressed that many non Roman Catholic Christians considered the Papacy a ...


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Ultimate Weapon? Mr. Krushchev is reported to have told a Japanese delegation in September last that Russia has now a terrible new secret weapon capable of destroying the whole of humanity. Later, he is said to have modified the claim. ...


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New Government The new Government in Great Britain was elected by a narrow margin. All Christians should now pray for those on whom the heavy burden of rule has fallen. There are many pressing problems and stable government will be ...


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