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How It Began

In August 1963 it was suggested to editors that some comment on current world events, secular and religious, would enhance the usefulness of the magazine. Such comment would be of practical value to readers of Needed Truth in assessing modern ...


The End Thereof

"Better is the end of a thing than the beginning thereof' wrote the Preacher (Eccles. 7:8). I suppose he meant that a task completed brings its own recompense. As notified last~ month this is to be the final contribution from ...


President Sadat's Bold Initiative

Egypt's President Sadat's dramatic journey to Jerusalem in November last took the world by surprise. It followed the statement by Israeli Prime Minister Begin that he was prepared to go to Cairo or any other Arab capital in search of ...


The Middle East - What Now?

Last month we reviewed briefly developments in the Middle East following President Sadat's peace initiative and his historic visit to Jerusalem in November last. Our final comment, "... the situation is finely balanced. There are many imponderables. It is by ...


By What Authority?

The debate in the Anglican Communion on the ordination of women priests continues. Recent infringements of Canon Law, which governs the Church of England 'priesthood', have added fuel to the controversy. 1978 could well be the year in which the ...


The Christian And The Media


New Israeli Law

Little notice has been taken m the secular press of a private member's bill on "Enticement to change Religion" which has been rushed through the Israeli Knesset. The bill, however, has been strongly criticized by some leading Jews who claim ...


Israel Under Pressure

Since our review in March last of the Middle East crisis the Israeli invasion of Southern Lebanon has embittered Arab-Israeli relations still further. At the time of writing a phased withdrawal of Israeli forces is taking place. The P.L.O. leader ...


"0 Lord, How Long?"

It is computed that there are upwards of4 million refugees in the world. Many of them are in urgent need of medical aid, food and shelter. In Africa alone there are 2 million displaced persons. More recently, in Burma and ...


The Credulity Of Unbelievers

A book entitled, "The Manna Machine", was reviewed recently in the secular Press, as follows: Manna for the Israelites in the wilderness was manufactured by an electric machine brought down from Mount Sinai by Moses and Aaron. This astonishing claim ...


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