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"Keep Thyself Pure"

"Because iniquity shall be multiplied, the love of the many shall wax cold" (Matt. 24:12). The words quoted above are taken from our Lord's Olivet discourse (Matt. 24). In reply to the query of His apostles, "What shall be the ...


An Intrepid Preacher

Recently I have been perusing the condensed one-volume edition of John Wesley's Journal which tells in his own words the story of the life and work of an amazing man. (The standard edition runs into eight volumes!) Wesley's life (1703-1791) ...


Teenagers And Alcohol

A recent Church of Scotland report says that alcoholism has reached "almost epidemic" proportions in Scotland. Twenty-five years ago the youngest member of Alcoholics Anonymous in Glasgow was thirty-eight years of age: "Now there are two separate groups for teenagers". ...


China's Agony

In March last year, under the heading Guatemala - Why?, we commented on the disastrous earthquake which occurred in that region and the trail of devastation and death it left. The dimensions of the catastrophe were appalling indeed, but by ...


Whither China?

We referred on this page last month to the disastrous earth tremors which rocked the Chinese city of Tangshan and its environs. No official statistics of the extent of the devastation and loss of life have been made available by ...


Important Archaeological Discovery

According to Professor R. K. Harrison a team of Italian archaeologists working on a site in Syria some thirty mites south of Aleppo has discovered the remains of an ancient city-state which goes back to 2,500 B.C. Early soundings have ...


Contending For The Faith

We draw to the attention of readers the important issues raised in the paper by our contributor Mr J. L. Ferguson which commences on page 185. This is the follow-up of an article by the same writer which appeared in ...



In a neat row on the bookshelf in front of me as I write stand the eighty annual volumes of Needed Truth. It is as though I sit under the shadow of three generations and listen afresh to the voices ...


Understanding The Times

The early weeks of 1975 have brought no rift in the dark clouds which overshadowed mankind during 1974. Western nations are haunted by fears of world recession and mass unemployment. The general impression is that the world is drifting helplessly ...


By What Authority?

It is clear from the narrative of the Acts of the Apostles, and from the apostles' teaching expressed in the Epistles of the New Testament, that churches of God were to be a key factor in the administration of the ...


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