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"Take My Life"

I read the other day about one of Wesley's preachers who campaigned with him on his preaching tours. His name was Francis Asbury. Wesley and his men were always on the move. On an4 on they went, they seemed to ...


Israel Shunned - Then Attacked

There was great indignation in Israel at the decision of the Austrian Chancellor, Dr Bruno Kreisky, to limit transit facilities for Israel-bound Soviet Jews in exchange for the lives of four hostages held by Palestinian guerillas for 12 hours at ...


Distress Of Nations

As 1973 draws to its close, world conditions, grave at its beginning, have deteriorated rapidly. There is crisis everywhere. Our Lord's words depicting world conditions at the end-time, "Men fainting for fear, and for expectation of the things which are ...


Profit And Loss

"What doth it profit a man, to gain the whole world, and forfeit his life?" (Mark 9:36). The question posed by our Lord to His apostles at a crucial phase of His ministry is searching and pertinent, and an appropriate ...


Comment By Torchlight

Drift Romewards? On December 31st last it was announced that the Anglican-Roman-Catholic International Commission had reached agreement on the "Doctrine of the Eucharist". Eighteen leading theologians, members of the official commission, spent two years thrashing out their differences, and their ...


Comment By Torchlight

"Thy Kingdom Come" He does not truly pray who cannot breathe with unfeigned longing this basic tenet of the Christian Faith. The reign of sin and death has been long and unrelenting, and man's failure to grapple with it has ...


What Are You Saying?

In spite of a great deal of research into the problem it would appear that failure to communicate, to get one's message over, is a major cause of friction in human relations. Recent events in politics and industry have demonstrated ...


Comment By Torchlight

Israeli Problems The problem of immigrant absorption is an embarrassing one for Israel at the present time. The policy of the Soviet Union in flooding into Israel thousands of Soviet Jews is proving a serious strain to the Israeli economy. ...


Comment By Torchlight

The Ecumenical Front At the General Synod on May 3, Church of England clergymen and laity voted "no" on unity with the Methodists. This was the culmination of 25 years of discussion on the proposal. Just before the vote Dr ...


Historic Meeting

The Summit meeting in Moscow between U.S. President Nixon and the Soviet leaders is now history. We remarked on this page some months ago on the shift in global strategy which was under way as the Great Powers grapple with ...


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