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Comment By Torchlight

"Let no man's heart fail" The situation was desperate. Humanly speaking defeat was inevitable. The men of Israel cringed for 40 days as the challenge floated across the valley, "Give me a man, that we may fight together" (1 Sam. ...


Immanuel's Land

Since the 6-day war in 1967 the Middle East has seldom been out of the news. In the centre of the region lies the State and land of Israel. The eyes of all nations are continually focussed there, and for ...



Many readers, no doubt, will have been shocked by newspaper reviews of London's latest rock musical, "Jesus Christ Superstar". Yet this caricature of our Saviour and His apostles, and other personalities in the Gospel story, has been praised by some ...


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Our Liberties Reports from the Soviet Union indicate an increasing interest in the Christian Faith among young people. This is confirmed by a leading article which appeared last month in the Moscow newspaper Pravda which warned that some Party members ...


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Pause for reflection As another year moves to its close, pause for reflection is opportune. On this page in January last, under the heading "Profit and Loss", we commented on our Lord's pertinent words, "What doth it profit a man, ...


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Permissiveness approved At the beginning of last year on this page we took stock of world conditions and found no comfort in the spiritual and moral state of mankind in general. During the year we had occasion to refer to ...


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Deadly Addiction Failing a change in their smoking habits, between 45,000 and 50,000 persons in Britain will die each year from lung cancer in the 1980s. But if cigarette smoking was to cease now, the death toll would fall to ...


The Sublime In Suffering

Many of God's saints these days are tested by adversity and suffering. Sometimes the-test is severe and faith is sorely tried. Yet it is in the crucible of suffering that God prepares His choicest vessels. The loyal disciple will not ...


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Postal Dispute Now that postal services in the United Kingdom have been restored we thank friends who helped in the production and distribution of the February and March issues of Needed Truth. By a united effort formidable difficulties were overcome, ...


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"Come, Lord Jesus" The beacon light of promise from the most excellent glory, "I come quickly", shines undimmed through the centuries of human sin and degradation. Its cheer and hope has upheld the faithful in the darkness of sorrow and ...


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