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To Our Readers

We give thanks to God for His grace which has enabled us to serve in the written ministry of the Word throughout another year. It is our purpose that Needed Truth shall continue to be, as stated on the front ...


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Needed Truth Eighty years have elapsed since the first issue of Needed Truth came from the press. The pioneers of those days saw that, although in the preceding centuries much precious truth had been recovered from the New Testament, the ...


The Legacy Of Life (1)

"I am weary of my life...", said Rebekah to Isaac, "what good shall my life do me?" A troublesome problem had arisen in the family to disturb its peace. Her words, no doubt, were a prod to Isaac to take ...


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The Legacy of Life (2) Last month, reflecting on life and its purpose, we commented on the brevity and uncertainty of the span of human life on earth. We also referred to the disparity of circumstances and endowments which is ...


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Defection from Rome Charles Davis, the leading R.C. theologian in Britain, whose withdrawal from the Roman Catholic Church in December, 1966, caused a sensation, has written an important book, entitled A Question of Conscience. In this book he sets out ...


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Is There Not a Cause? The political, economic, and industrial unsettlement in Britain has further deteriorated during recent months. In politics there is increasing bitterness and recrimination. In industry, strikes, bringing hardships to the strikers and their families, as well ...


No Other Gods

Someone wrote recently that the first Commandment, "Thou shalt have no other gods before Me", must include "Thou shalt have Me". A few minutes' reflection will confirm the truth of this conclusion. Further reflection will establish that the first Commandment ...


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Perplexity of Nations The new instability of France has brought another grave problem to world statesmen. There are also ominous signs of serious unrest in other European states. Add to these the problems of Vietnam, the Nigerian civil war, the ...


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The Plan and the Power When the risen Lord met with His apostles during the forty days between His resurrection and His ascension to the Father, He instructed them regarding the purposes of God during the present age. Foremost among ...


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Signs of the Times The first great epoch of human history ended with the judgement of the Flood. When our Lord spoke to His apostles of His return to this earth as the Son of Man, firstly to judge and ...


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