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Man's Chief Problem The developments in Central Europe during August and the occupation of Czechoslovakia by the Warsaw Pact Powers on August 21, greatly increased tension in an already troubled world. The political aspect of these events is not our ...


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Middle East Disquiet The arms build-up in the Middle East, both of Arab and Israeli forces, is causing mounting concern. And various pronouncements of an impending renewal of armed conflict are helping to keep the temperature at boiling-point. In such ...



The feature "Jottings" by J.M. has appeared in this magazine almost continuously since 1924. These articles came from the facile pen of Mr. John Miller of Ayr, who was appointed an editor of the Needed Truth in 1937. We regret ...



As the years pass, history unfolds and brings ever nearer the second advent of our Lord Jesus Christ. For mankind in general the year 1966 was one of crisis and perplexity. Men and nations grappled with the complex problems of ...


Middle East Tension

The continuing border tension between Israel and Jordan, although overshadowed by major events in other parts of the world, is nevertheless a disturbing reminder of the deteriorating relations between Jews and Arabs. Towards the end of last year King Hussein ...


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Drug Addiction Increasing references to drug addiction in the Press reflect the rapid growth of this terrible social evil. In its wake follow crime and immorality of the most degrading sort. Illicit traffic in habit-forming drugs is now becoming a ...


"I Come Quickly... "

The personal return of our Lord Jesus Christ is a prospect which should never be absent from the outlook of the believer. Yet there is constant danger that we allow this momentous and imminent event to recede into the background ...


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Mormon Activity Among the many cults being vigorously propagated in Britain today is that of the Mormons. Their missionaries-usually in pairs-are engaging in persistent house-to-house visitation. Carefully trained, personable young men offer Mormon literature and arrogantly urge the claims of ...


Middle East Crisis

We have commented here several times in recent months on the deteriorating situation in the Middle East and the danger of a conflagration there. During the month of May the position worsened, and after a series of minor incidents on ...


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