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Quit You Like Men

Our esteemed contributor L. Burrows draws attention in his article on page 117 to the spiritual conflict waged by the apostles for the defence and preservation of the churches of God in New Testament times. The powers of darkness assailed ...


The Menace Of Drug Addiction

In April last we drew attention to the modern scourge of drug addiction and in particular to the growing use among young people of pep pills and the like. The matter has received further publicity by Press reports of prosecutions ...


Comment By Torchlight

Clerical Heresy Last month a Cambridge vicar was reported to have made certain statements on the nature of our Lord's humanity which are too horrible to reproduce here. According to him, the same sinful passions which are common to mankind ...


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Selling the Pass A remarkable statement by the Archbishop of Canterbury was reported in the Press during his recent visit to the United States. Speaking at a convention in Seattle, he is reported to have said that a future Christendom ...


The Credulity Of Unbelief

On this page in October last we drew attention to certain statements by a Cambridge vicar on the nature of our Lord's humanity, and to the rejoinder by the Dean of St. Paul's who said that it may not be ...


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The Way that I Take As 1966 opens we should pause to take stock of our lives and to consider the direction we are taking. We cannot forecast the flow of events nor foresee the perils which may loom ahead. ...


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Dead Sea Scrolls The arrival in London of the Dead Sea Scrolls for exhibition in the British Museum, and later in some provincial cities, has aroused public interest in these priceless manuscripts. The scrolls are a collection of ancient Hebrew ...


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The Battle for the Mind Many voices clamour for a hearing today. As the media of communication multiply so does the babel of voices. Every cause has its propagandists and modern methods of publicity project its interests. From press, radio ...


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A World in travail The increasing turmoil on the African continent, the failure to end the war in Vietnam, and festering sores in other parts of the world, are the cause of renewed apprehension among world statesmen. There is continuing ...


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A Step Romeward Dr. Ramsey's visit to the Pope at the end of March was widely publicized in the Press. There were photographs of Pope and Primate in brotherly embrace giving each other the "kiss of peace". This was the ...


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