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Biblical Archaeology


Spiritual Depression

We frequently sing with gusto: Happy day! happy day! When Jesus washed my sins away. He taught me how to watch and pray, And live rejoicing every day; Happy day! happy day! When Jesus washed my sins away. The ...


Middle East Stalemate

At the beginning of the year there were confident hopes that 1977 would bring some settlement of the Middle East stalemate. The fresh U.S.A. initiative of the Carter regime was launched on a note of optimism and gave the impression ...


President Carter's Dilemma

We referred last month to the initiative of U.S.A. President Carter and his Secretary of State, Cyrus Vance, in trying to bridge the gulf between Israel and her Arab neighbours and to reconvene the Geneva Peace Conference before the end ...


"At Home"

One of the words used to describe the departure of the Christian from the present life is the Greek verb analuo. It occurs in Phil. 1:23. Paul longed to "depart and be with Christ". In 2 Tim. 4:6 he used ...


Comment By Torchlight

Reflections "Time, like an ever-rolling stream, Bears all its sons away." With these well-known words of Isaac Watts this feature, COMMENT by Torchlight, began its ministry just twelve years ago. It was a new venture instituted with some trepidation for ...


Editorial Changes

For the past eleven years Mr T. M. Hyland has served as executive editor of Needed Truth. He has been assisted by Mr G. Prasher, Sr., of Maidstone, Mr J. Drain of Derby (formerly of Belfast) and Mr L. Burrows ...


Guatemala - Why?

The earthquake which rocked Guatemala early last month left a trail of devastation far greater than the early estimates indicated. Tens of thousands died and the number of seriously injured was so great that many of these succumbed before it ...


National Peril

The continuing deterioration of moral standards in Britain and other Western lands gives cause for grave disquiet. The recent High Court judgement upholding the dissemination of a certain highly repulsive pornographic book came as a severe shock to many. There ...


Comment By Torchlight

A significant pointer to the trends in ecumenism took place on March 25 when George Basil Hume, a Benedictine monk, was enthroned as Archbishop at the Roman Catholic Cathedral of Westminster, in succession to the late Cardinal Heenan. Later that ...


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