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The Moorgate Disaster

The Nation was shocked on the morning of February 28 as the news of the London tube crash, with all its harrowing details, filtered through the media. As the scale of the disaster was grasped it became a national talking-point. ...


Common Market Referendum

The argument whether Britain should remain within the European Economic Community on the re-negotiated terms continues apace. The case for and against will be presented ad nauseam as the referendum date approaches. It remains to be seen whether the issues ...


The Balance Of Power

We commented here some months ago on the balance of power in the Far East and the struggle between East and West which was nearing a climax in that region. The climax came in the closing days of April when ...


Comment By Torchlight

The Making of History We referred last month to the events in the Far East and the sudden shift of power in that region. These developments were followed by considerable diplomatic activity. The visit to Europe of U.S. President Gerald ...


A Turning Point

The dramatic gains of the Communists in the recent regional and municipal elections in Italy has been overshadowed in the secular press by other important world events. Nevertheless it is an ominous portent of things to come. It signals a ...


Helsinki Summit

History was made last month when the heads of 35 nations met at the European Security Summit Conference in Helsinki. It is claimed that no comparable gathering has taken place during the past 300 years. The object of the Conference ...


An Interim Treaty

After twelve days of tense negotiations, during which he "shuttled" between Jerusalem and Alexandria, Dr Henry Kissinger, the U.S. Secretary of State, was successful in securing the agreement of Israel and Egypt to an interim treaty on a new buffer ...


Comment By Torchlight

The Bible Within this ample volume lies The mystery of mysteries. Happiest they of human race To whom their God hath given grace To read, to fear, to hope, to pray, To lift the latch, to force the way: But ...


Knowing God (2)

Last month reference was made on this page to spiritual enrichment received by the writer from a small volume entitled The Knowledge of God, Its Meaning and its Power, by A.T. Schofield, M.D., which came into his hands when a ...


The Tide Of Unbelief

In the experience of those who would live godly in Christ Jesus periodic pause for self-examination is indispensable. The pressures and complexities of modern life are such that we can "lose our bearings" almost imperceptibly. Powerful currents of thought sweep ...


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