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"Israel, My Glory"

No doubt many of our readers have on their bookshelves works of the great Puritan expositors. The amazing industry of these men and their intense veneration of the Scriptures are a rebuke to the easygoing complacency of so many of ...


Whither Britain?

In October 1971, under the above caption, we commented as follows: "It is an understatement to say that these are critical days in the United Kingdom. The Government is beset by the problems of mounting violence and crime, of galloping ...


Divided Nation

The result of the General Election in Britain revealed the perplexed and frustrated state of the electorate. In this situation the task of the new government will be extremely difficult. The feeling is widespread that another election in the near ...


A Word In Season

Many of our readers will welcome the article commencing on page 76, "Girding on the Armour", by our beloved co-editor, John Drain of Belfast, who is slowly recovering from serious illness. Those of us who have benefited from our brother's ...


Common Market Disarray

Students of prophecy will be observing with interest the stresses and strains which are at present appearing among the nine member states of the European Economic Community. The present British Government is pursuing its declared policy of renegotiating the terms ...


The Middle East - What Now?

After many weeks of delicate negotiations Dr Henry Kissinger, the U.S. Secretary of State, succeeded in persuading Israel and Syria to disengage their military forces on the Golan Heights. A treaty was signed in Geneva on May 31 and this ...


The State Of The Nation

Mounting anxiety over Britain's internal affairs is reflected daily in gloomy headlines in the secular Press. The plight of the economy, the perils of inflation, the breakdown of law and order, reports of corruption in high places and other disturbing ...


Priorities In A Changing World

Recent events in America, with the much publicized Watergate scandal leading to the resignation of President Richard Nixon, caused widespread shock throughout the world. It is no part of our responsibility to pronounce on such matters even if we were ...


Nuclear Peril

On page 7 of The Finger of Prophecy mention is made of the symbolic clock which appears on the front cover of the "Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists", the magazine founded at the end of the Second World War by ...


Middle East Peace Initiative

At the time of writing (Oct.14) the U.S.A. Secretary of State, Dr Henry Kissinger, is touring the Middle East, visiting Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Israel in search for a peace formula to bring the parties to the conference table. Coinciding ...


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