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God's Self-revelation

God is almighty and omniscient; His thoughts are on a higher plane than those of men, for He said to Israel through the prophet Isaiah, "As the heavens are. higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ...



The claim of Holy Scripture to be "God's Word written" is unmistakable, and is asserted in terms which admit of no compromise. Nor can the claim be ignored. It has momentous and far-reaching implications which demand attention. Upon its validity ...



Last month we wrote on the subject of the authority of Holy Scripture. We viewed the organic unity of the Book and pointed to this as a powerful and irrefutable argument for its divine authority. We emphasized the nature of ...


The Canon

Today, more than ever before, the Christian needs to be fully assured as to the basis of his faith and to be prepared to resist attack from any quarter One of the lines of attack by "liberal theologians" is to ...


Divine Revelation

Divine revelation will be considered under three main headings, and each of these aspects of the subject will be briefly studied in particular relation to the Holy Scriptures as the absolute standard of truth, given by God. The three headings ...


Spiritual Life Through The Word

The truth of the verbal inspiration of the Bible is not merely of academic interest. It is of intense practical importance in the purposes of God. "As the rain cometh down and the snow from heaven, and returneth not thither, ...


The Supremacy Of Scripture

The supreme authority of the Bible, the sacred writings, over all other books and writings is an inevitable consequence of its divine inspiration. In earlier articles in this series this important characteristic of Scripture has been clearly stated and emphasized. ...



It will be helpful to find a definition for what we mean by the typology of Scripture. Neither the word "type" nor "typology" appears in the English Bible, yet the study of what are known as "types" in the Old ...



To appreciate the importance of prophecy in the Old Testament Scriptures, it is wise to consider briefly the character of the prophets of Israel. They were fearless and forthright men. They boldly rebuked vice of all kinds, denounced idolatry and ...



Much of our Lord's teaching in the days of His flesh consisted in the exposition and interpretation of the Old Testament writings. Although the people among whom He lived had for generations been the custodians of the oracles of God, ...


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