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David had known in his experiences with his enemies, and with Saul in particular, the shelter and the deliverances that God had shown to him, and he never forgot to love and to thank Him for all the kindnesses that ...



We learn from 1 Corinthians 3.16,17, that each church of God was temple of God in character. Such a church which was planted by men could be destroyed by men. This shows the tremendous difference between the church of God ...



What the Scriptures say about the human mind is an interesting study. There is a saying, that "the mind is the measure of the man". Some men are gifted with active, accurate, and retentive minds while others have minds adjusted ...



Each epistle in the New Testament has its own character and content. At the same time, one may find the same things referred to in different epistles. Let us take the epistle to the Ephesians and that to the Hebrews ...



The apostle John in the island of Patmos writes: "I was [became or came to be] in the Spirit on the Lord's day" (Revelation 1.10). The same Greek word rendered "was" above in the A.V. and R.V. is rendered "was" ...



In Numbers 12 we have the account of the domestic trouble which arose through Miriam and Aaron speaking against Moses because of the Coshite woman that he had married. Moses evidently did not reply to them. "They said, Hath the ...



It may be of interest to draw attention to a few instances of the use of the word "power" (Greek dunamnis), and the word "authority" (exousia) in the New Testament. We find both words used by the people in the ...



In his judgement of the Lord Pilate said three times, in John's Gospel, "I find no crime in Him". But there is no doubt that the Jews' indictment and that of Pilate emerged from two different points of view of ...



The words of Revelation 14.13 have been running through my mind: "Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth: yea, saith the Spirit, that they may rest from their labours; for their works follow with them". I ...



The Jews hated the Lord for many reasons, but there are two chief reasons stated in John 5.1618. Firstly, that He told a man lying at the pool of Bethesda, who had suffered from his infirmity for thirty-eight years, to ...


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