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Comment By Torchlight

Editorial Change Editors regret to announce that our co-editor Mr John Drain of Derby (formerly of Belfast) has reluctantly decided that owing to failing health it is necessary for him to relinquish his editorial responsibilities. For the past thirteen years ...


Understanding The Times

I have recently been re-reading the introductory chapters of Alfred Edersheim's classic The Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah which include a sketch of the state of the Roman world at the time of our Lord's birth in Bethlehem. ...


The Wind Of Change

The phrase 'the wind of change' was coined by Britain's ex-Prime Minister Sir Harold Macmillan in reference to the rapidly changing scene on the African Continent during his term of office. It proved to be one of those telling phrases ...


Islam's Onward March

Recent events in Iran have publicized the growing power of Islam in global politics. Some months ago a well-informed Christian writer on Middle East affairs made this pertinent observation "Two major causes of persecution of Christians in the world today ...


Commitment To The King's Service

The prophecy of Isaiah covers a period in which the spiritual climate in Israel was rapidly declining. The prophet refers, at the beginning of chapter 6, to "the year that King Uzziah died". That year stood out in his memory ...


Israeli And Egyptian Accord - What Now?

April 25, 1979 became a historic date in the history of Middle East politics. On the evening of that day the 31-year-old state of war between Israel and Egypt ended officially with the ratification of the Washington peace treaty. At ...


Archaeologists At Odds

Some months ago we commented on the important discovery by a team of Italian archaeologists of the 4,500-year-old kingdom of Ebla in Syria. Of particular interest were the many thousands of clay tablets they unearthed. According to Professor Pettinato, of ...


Israel, Egypt, Sinai - Unfinished Story

Certain locations on this globe hold perennial interest for lovers of Holy Scripture. Foremost among these is the land of Canaan (Israel) which God covenanted to Abraham and his descendants. This was the land selected by God for the accomplishment ...


Retrospect And Prospect

In reflective mood the other day I took from the bookshelf volume number 1 of Needed Truth and turned over its leaves. The magazine began its history in 1888. It was issued as a quarterly until 1892 when it became ...


Comment By Torchlight

History and the Media "I read my newspaper to see how my heavenly Father is ruling the world". So wrote C. H. Spurgeon about a century ago. He had in mind, no doubt, the words spoken to Nebuchadnezzar by the ...


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