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Comment By Torchlight

The Frontiers of Science We referred last month to the dangers arising from man's tampering with the balance of nature, and the "pollution of environment" which is giving serious concern to those who have studied the problem. The need to ...


Comment By Torchlight

Drug Scourge The gravity of the growing drug-cult in the United Kingdom was emphasized by the Home Secretary, Mr James Callaghan, when moving the second reading of the Misuse of Drugs Bill in the House of Commons last month. He ...


Comment By Torchlight

Space Mishap The failure of the Apollo 13 Moon-mission and the hazardous four-day return journey of the three astronauts will go down in history as an epic of human courage and endurance. As the crippled spacecraft sped earthwards there were ...


Comment By Torchlight

General Election As we write (June 8) Britain is in the throes of a General Election and by the time this comment appears, polling day will be past and a new Parliament elected. While it is not the business of ...


The Menace Of The Cults

Any serious student of contemporary developments in the religious world cannot but be impressed with the growing strength of cults and isms, and of their menace to the Christian Faith. It is a challenge that cannot be ignored. Undoubtedly, the ...


Comment By Torchlight

A disturbing Problem The teenage alcoholic is potentially a far greater problem than the young drug addict. The Medical Council on Alcoholism - a committee of leading doctors studying the drink problem - give this warning in a recently-published report ...


Comment By Torchlight

"Go forward" Israel's plight was desperate. "They are entangled in the land, the wilderness hath shut them in", was Pharaoh's assessment of their predicament. Pharaoh left Israel's God out of his reckoning. The people murmured. They too forgot the God ...


Most High

Our comment last month under the heading "Israeli dilemma" was outdated before it appeared. The speed with which events moved in the Middle East during the latter part of September was staggering. The hijacking of Swissair and B.O.A.C. jets by ...


To Our Readers

Discerning readers who have followed the monthly series of articles, The Finger of Prophecy, will appreciate that they are an impressive study of a subject of great interest to all lovers of Scripture. The writers have dealt with the subject ...


Our Unchanging God

In a day of darkness and declension the people of God received this message from God through the prophet Malachi, I the LORD change not" (3.6). The message was relevant to the people's lukewarmness and hypocrisy, and no doubt was ...


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