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Nathan And Gad To David

Messages from many prophets appear in the historical parts of the Holy Scriptures. To some of these we wish to draw attention. Firstly we note that Miriam and Deborah are spoken of as prophetesses at times of great deliverances from ...


Voices Of The Prophets (2)

We have seen how Nathan brought tidings of mercy and judgement to David - mercy in that his sin was forgiven, and he would not die; judgement because whatsoever a man soweth that shall he also reap; and David went ...


Voices Of The Prophets (3)

Earlier we drew attention to voices from the prophets Nathan and Gad, and now we wish to give thought to some words from Ahijah, the Shilonite. Two men were in a field alone, one the prophet Ahijab, the other Jeroboam, ...


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