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Separation Without Compromise

(Nehemiah, chapters 6 and 7) Men who essay to serve God in any age must be prepared to face continuous opposition. This is the verdict of history and finds ample confirmation in the record we have been following during ...


"The Covenant"

(Nehemiah, chapters 8 to 10). Ezra, who was a learned and pious descendant of Hilkiah, the high priest in Josiah's reign, enjoyed the favour of the Persian king, Artaxerxes I, and in the seventh year of his reign he made ...


"The Covenant Confirmed"

(Nehemiah 11 to 13). In chapter 6.15 we read that the wall was completed, the last stone had been put in its place, and Jerusalem was again a walled city, having a within and a without. Now we read that ...


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