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The journey to Emmaus would seem long that day, for hearts were sad through disappointed hope, until the Stranger drew near and went with them, soon gripping their interest and stirring their heart as He opened to them the Scriptures. ...


Cain And Abel

We are in no doubt as to the historical accuracy of the story of Cain and Abel as found in Genesis 4. The greatest, and most reliable of all witnesses, the Lord Himself, bears testimony to "Abel the righteous" in ...


Noah And His Faith

The name of Noah is amongst the faithful who are mentioned in Hebrews 11. Before we go to consider his character we shall look briefly at the characteristics of the days in which he lived. As indicated by the words ...



"Babel "-the word has long since passed into the language as a synonym of confusion and meaningless noise. And yet it is more than 4,000 years since, as the Bible records, Nimrod marked "the beginning of his kingdom" with the ...



As we commence to write on Abraham we are' reminded of what has been written by another, that "There is a fitness in all God's proceedings, and a wonderful fulness of design answering many ends by the same event." This ...



The historical setting in which this remarkable character, Melchizedek, appeared and ministered to Abraham's need is worthy of consideration first of all, before we turn to the lessons that Paul deduces, especially in Hebrews 7 where he deals at ...


Isaac And Ishmael

Many of our readers who are following the study of the representative men as recorded in Genesis may be asking the question, Why go back to these ancient types and shadows when we have everything so plain in the Gospel ...



What joy Abraham's faith in, and obedience to, the divine purpose must have given to God! We have already seen from a previous article in this series that this noble soul was ready, out of love to his God, to ...


Esau And Jacob

As the apostle Paul thought of some of the Lord's people of a past day and the lessons that could be learned from their achievements and failures, he wrote, "Now these things happened unto them by way of example; and ...


Jacob's Vision

The key to the Scriptures is Christ. No matter how much men may study the word of God, nor how much they may know of it, none can ever understand it until they come to a personal knowledge of the ...


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