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Studies In Ephesians:


(Chapter 1.15-28)


(Chapter 2.1-10).

The apostle has conducted his readers into the heavenlies to view their spiritual blessings "in Christ" ; and he has prayed in his Roman prison that they might have spiritual sight to assess their spiritual wealth aright. Now he takes ...


(Chapter 2.11-22).


(Chapter 3. L-13).

The apostle now proceeds to make a further pronouncement on the development of divine purposes in the present age, and in particular to emphasize that, by reason of a special revelation from the liord in regard to those purposes, a ...


(Chapter 4.17-82)


(Chapter 5.1-14).

The opening verses of chapter 5. grow out of the closing statement of chapter 4.-there is no pause in the sequence of the apostle's theme. He is going to name and warn against certain other terrible sins, but before doing ...


(Chapter 5.15-21)

This seems to be the central paragraph in the second part of the epistle; gathering together what has gone before and laying the basis for what follows. The phrase "Be filled with the Spirit" is a focal point and is ...


(Chapter 5.22-23)

Subjection is a fundamental law in the realm of divine things. The apostle has already, in verse 21, stated that mutual subjection in the fear of Christ is to be a guiding principle of behaviour among the disciples of the ...


(Chapter 6. 1-9)

That there are some sad failures among the children of God's people is a fact too apparent to be disputed. Not only is it true to fact in our own day, but it is also clearly demonstrated in Scripture, that ...


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