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Jan 1999 - Editorial

Lawrie Burrows In June of last year our esteemed brother Lawrie Burrows of Kingston upon Thames, indicated that in view of indifferent health he desired to retire from the editorate of Needed Truth. He had been an editor since ...


Feb 1999 - Editorial

When Abraham believed in the Lord (Gen. 15:6), he received the assurance that God purposed to give him the land where he then was, to inherit it, and this was confirmed when God made mention of a fourth generation who ...


Mar 1999 - Editorial

The current series of articles on New Testament Churches of God brings a fresh presentation of a vital theme of scriptural truth for our time. Since Needed Truth was first published over 100 years ago, this theme has been ...


Apr 1999 - Editorial

Why do we discourage the use of pictures and artists' impressions of the Lord Jesus? That was a question recently posed to me and one answer surely lies in the words of 2 Corinthians 5:16 '...even though we have ...


May 1999 - Editorial

You will be impressed as you read this month's Needed Truth, of the importance of individuals in furthering the purposes of God in respect of His house on earth. Like the two olive trees of Zechariah's prophecy in chapter ...


Jun 1999 - Editorial

One of the first evidences of the fall was envy. Cain, the first man to be born a sinner, displayed this dangerous weakness. Envy lay behind his murder of his brother. In contrast to Cain, Christ was the ...


Jul 1999 - Editorial

This month's article in the series Lovers of God's House draws valuable lessons, but makes sad reading. When the Israelites left Egypt they lacked a cohesive national identity. They were a motley group of families, demoralized by years ...


Sep 1999 - Editorial

Zeal for the house of God can manifest itself in a desire that things are done rightly according to the revealed will of God. As when God instructed Moses about the Tabernacle furniture, 'see that thou make them after ...


Oct 1999 - Editorial

Perhaps very soon service in God's house will end when our Lord returns to the air for the Church, which is His Body. The service of many has ended in death as did the apostle Paul's who wrote, 'I ...


Nov 1999 - Editorial

'It is the Lord', John exclaimed joyfully as he grappled with the multitude of fishes swarming into the net. It dawned on him like a flash. The Stranger on the beach was their Lord and Master. Who ...


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