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Their Divine Beginnlng

Fellowship and Unity are divine ideals rich in blessing when pursued in faith and subjection to the Lord. They have been largely divested of their divine significance by man who has prostituted them to perverse and earthly ends. The political ...


The Response To Calvary

Consideration of any subject relative to the will of God can well commence at the Cross of Calvary. All the purposes of God in ages past focussed on the death of the Lord Jesus Christ, and in the ages to ...


One Lord

Fellowship and Unity! One Lord! How closely these two wondrous truths are related! yea, how inseparably are they linked together! for we believe that there cannot be fellowship with God or with His people or a unity that is of ...


One Baptism.

On the occasion of the sending forth of the twelve by the Lord Jesus, recorded in Matthew 10., the command was, "Go not into any way of the Gentiles, and enter not into any city of the Samaritans: but go ...


The Unity Of The Spirit.


The Church Of God

As the world totters and reels like a drunken man, the nations of the earth, through their leaders, try to steady it. They are fully alive to the awful catastrophe which looms ahead, unless some unity of a kind can ...


The One Community

It has long been a desire of men to establish unity amongst the nations. Such unity cannot be realized unless based on a correct attitude of mind in the people and their leaders towards their fellowmen; properly balanced by an ...


Fellowship In The Gospel

It is necessary to say that only a disciple of the Lord has heaven's high commission to preach the gospel. That is where Paul begins. He declares himself "a servant (bondservant) of Jesus Christseparated unto the gospel of God" (Romans ...


The Fellowship Of His Sufferings

Fellowship is sw~eet. It is something in which the participants find pleasure The thought of suffering, however, is generally associated with pain. We view it as being unpleasant and a~ something from which we recoil. Yet the Scriptures ...


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