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The Deity And Eternal Sonship Of The Lord Jesus Christ

A building's stability is dependent upon the security and reliability of its foundation. The whole structure and fabric of the Faith which was once for all delivered to the saints (Jude 3) rests upon the dignity and glory of the ...


The Holy Spirit

God the Holy Spirit wields an unseen but powerful force in every divine activity relative to mankind from the initial creation right on to the new heaven and the new earth. His importance cannot be underlined too strongly. The purpose ...


Eternal Security

Eternal security is the expression used to describe the present unassailable possession of eternal life. The possessors are guaranteed that after death their souls will not come into divine punishment, but will be for ever with the Lord (John 5:24; ...


Believers' Baptism

The world of 1888 was very different in outlook from that of today. It is futile to debate in which ways the present world is either better or worse than that of our grandparents, for we cannot and should not ...


The Breaking Of Bread

In the long history of theology in sectarian church systems, the communion table, as it is loosely called, has but a remote similarity to the breaking of bread as it was given by the Lord Jesus to the apostles, and ...


Fellowship And Christian Unity

We recognize the overruling hand of God in the preparation of the following article. It was completed and submitted to editors just before the writer's sudden home-call in January of this year. We are privileged to publish it and remember ...


The Churches Of God

Some things don't really change, do they? A quick scan of the early volumes of Needed Truth shows that writers then were expressing concern over the spiritual condition of those in churches of God. The very first pages of Volume ...


The House Of God

"It cannot be denied" wrote early editors of Needed Truth, "that one of the most important and most needed lines of truth given by revelation of God ... remains almost without exponent in the press, certainly without serial exposition". "If ...


The Kingdom Of God

This article is a restatement of many of the truths of the kingdom of God that have been expounded by contributors to this magazine during the last hundred years. Old Testament Times The first reference to a kingdom in the ...


The Coming Again Of The Lord Jesus Christ

We wait to see the Morning Star appearing In glory bright. This blessed hope illumes, with beams most cheering, The hours of night. These simple but beautiful words of Miss Carson's hymn express the hope that is so precious ...


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