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The Garments Of Ministry

Exodus 31:10; 35:19; 39:1, 41 Among the many exciting themes that flow from Genesis to Revelation, God has shown that He is the designer of garments. Had it not been for Him, Adam and Eve would have left His presence ...


Out Of The Dark Continent

'Can anything good come out of Nazareth?' (John 1:46). Can anything good come out of Africa? The African continent has received many names in history. Why was it called the 'Dark Continent'? Some thought it was dark because most of ...


Called To Serve


Called To Simple Dependence On God

A good example She is famous among almost every group of Christians. She was disadvantaged, yet she did more than many of her generation. No, we are not talking about Mother Teresa. The woman in question is the widow the ...


Together In Testimony

God the Father has a deep desire: He seeks worshippers. He seeks them amongst sinners who, when converted, can be just the right persons to fulfil that desire! Not only is it a wonder that the woman of Samaria was ...


Peter - First Among Equals

The disciple Peter's bold, enthusiastic, impetuous character attracts us because of his inconsistent, instant reaction to events. He has a strong 'act now, think later' tendency! He is like so many of us! Peter jumps from a boat to ...


The Consecration Of The Priest

Exodus 28:1-2; 40:1-2,12-13; Leviticus 8 On that memorable first day of the first month, shortly before commemorating the Passover, Moses fulfilled a sevenfold ministry for Aaron. Before the lamb was taken and slain, Aaron was installed as high priest so ...


Pebbles From The Brook

The young widow cradled her little boy, wondering how she would get through this first Christmas without her husband. Recently bereaved and expecting her second child, how would she cope? Her strong trust in God and her loving family ...


Does God Want You To Be Rich?

More and more Christians think so. 'Prosperity Theology' teaches that God wants His followers to be healthy, successful and (particularly) wealthy. Extreme forms use an investment analogy and promise that for every pound or dollar we give, God will give ...


Triumph Through Tragedy

It was a terrible accident. An out-of-control car came careering across the road after failing to take a bend and slammed into the public bench where John and Mary Kerr were sitting. The impact was to leave Mary without legs ...


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