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The Church (Christ's Body), and the churches of God: This dispensation of grace is essentially a "church" dispensation, and In the writings of Paul the word "church" is of frequent occurrence. Before we start dealing with these two uses of ...


Comment By Torchlight

Needed Truth Eighty years have elapsed since the first issue of Needed Truth came from the press. The pioneers of those days saw that, although in the preceding centuries much precious truth had been recovered from the New Testament, the ...


The Resurrection Of Christ (1)

At the basis of the Christian Faith lies the glorious fact of our Saviour's triumphant resurrection from the dead on the third day. This is the culminating event recorded in each of the four Gospel narratives and it is attested ...


A People That Dwell Alone

The words of Balaam, as he st6od amid the high places of Baal and looked on Israel, indicated what then was, and should have remained the chief characteristic of the people of God, "Lo, it is a people that dwell ...



"Follow Me. And he forsook all, and rose up and followed Him" Luke 5.27,28). So Luke records the call of Levi to discipleship. Fishermen also left their nets, their boats, and their fathers-they forsook all, and followed Him. Written like ...


Position And Condition

Under the Old Covenant there was a divine position for God's people Israel, and also a condition on the part of Israel proper to that position. The position in which God's ancient people were to dwell was the land of ...


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