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Burden Bearers

The words of Paul in Galatians 6:2 and 5 seem, at first sight, to be contradictory: "Bear ye one another's burdens, and so fulfil the law of Christ"; and, "each man shall bear his own burden". If, however, we read ...


Retrospect And Prospect

In reflective mood the other day I took from the bookshelf volume number 1 of Needed Truth and turned over its leaves. The magazine began its history in 1888. It was issued as a quarterly until 1892 when it became ...


Sanctification - Part 2

Sanctification is a cardinal truth of the gospel. It differs from those previously considered in the series in that it has an essential element of human responsibility in addition to the initial response of faith. As was seen in the ...


The Principles Of A People Of God: (3)

From the principle of authority we move on to think of LEADERSHIP. The authority is Christ's and flows as we have seen from His own majestic claim in resurrection - "all authority hath been given unto Me" (Mat. 28:18). Unless ...


Overseers And Their Work (3)(continued)

Last month we enquired about scriptural guidance on this subject for today. It is essential to establish initially that the terms elder, bishop and overseer refer to the same office. Help may be obtained from a comparison of Acts 20:17, ...


"I Am Coming Lord"

She lived in a generation which did not enjoy the many sophistications we know today. Hard work supplemented faith in God, who was able to supply every need. Poverty and adversity were accepted as twin companions in the walk of ...


Marked Foreheads

On Aaron's forehead was a golden plate for all to see, day after day. It was held in place by a lace of blue on the forefront of the mitre, his priestly head-dress. On the golden plate were engraved the ...


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