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Elusive Peace

Since Dr. Boutros-Ghali became Secretary-General of the United Nations at the beginning of 1992 he has injected a new dynamism into the Organization. Radical adnnnistrative changes were made at the New York headquarters in an attempt to re-shape what had ...


Saul And David

The story of Saul and David illustrates in some respects the story of the first man (Adam) and that of the second Man, who is the Lord from heaven. The first man was a failure through his disobedience. What sorrow ...


Jun 1993 - Editorial

That God came to earth to dwell among men in the Person of His beloved son, Jesus Christ, is the witness of Focus centre pages. The greatest divine revelation to men is that God longs and delights to dwell with ...


Ezra, Leader Teacher


An Important Ingredient

What is it that finds its way into so many things, is valuable but inexpensive, yet does not seem to receive the importance it deserves? Answer: Salt, that ingredient which is indispensable in our world, and also plays a vital ...


"If Thou Art The Son Ot God"

During the Lord's wilderness temptation Satan twice challenged Him to demonstrate that He was the Son of God: first by turning stones to bread and then by casting Himself down from the pinnacle of the Temple. "If Thou art the ...


Indwelling The Believer


Praying For Rain

On mount Carmel Elijah stood holdly before the people as he urged God's claims upon them. But later when he climbed to the top of the mountain he was no longer pleading with men, but with God, and he howed ...


Matthew Calling

Many have enjoyed spending a long time in the company of Matthew. The spoken word of Jesus is clearly his concern. He has written a teaching gospeL How does he begin? What are the first two words of the New ...


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