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Jan 1999 - Editorial

Lawrie Burrows In June of last year our esteemed brother Lawrie Burrows of Kingston upon Thames, indicated that in view of indifferent health he desired to retire from the editorate of Needed Truth. He had been an editor since ...


New Testament Churches Of God - Introduction

'Church of God' - what a remarkable expression! Of course it is a New Testament term, as when Paul wrote to the Church of God in Corinth, or referred to the churches of God in Galatia. Scriptural use of ...


Mutual Satisfaction

'As for me, I shall behold thy face in righteousness: I shall be satisfied, when I awake, with thy likeness' (Ps. 17:15). So wrote King David as he contrasted his satisfaction with that of men of the world, whose ...


'Truth Is Fallen In The Street'

So wrote Isaiah about 700 BC as he rebuked God's people for their declining standards: And judgement is turned away backward, and righteousness standeth afar off: for truth is fallen in the street, and uprightness cannot enter (Is. 59:14). Untruthfulness ...


Lovers Of God's House - Introduction

Among the lovers of God's house whose devotion to it is recorded in Scripture, David stands out prominently, and in Psalm 26:8 he expresses himself with fresh and spontaneous joy, 'Lord, I love the habitation of thy house, and the ...


Friends Of The King

How many friends do you have? I recall being asked that question by a chum who lived in residence with me at university. When I replied that I had lots of friends he was more specific and asked ...


Calvary Nails

A little girl at camp was once asked how she would recognize the Lord Jesus if He were to walk into the room. 'He's got big holes in His hands', was her reply. Those 'big holes' were made ...


Another Year Opens

Another year has opened before us, and, as we look back in retrospect, we can raise our Eben-ezer and say, 'Hitherto hath the LORD helped us' (1 Sam. 7:12). Yet, how easily we can forget the many boons and ...


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