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Teaching Of The Word

When discussing church growth, we tend to immediately think of increasing numbers of people who are accepting the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior and being baptized and received into a church of God after the pattern of Acts 2:41. But ...


Alive To God

'What shall we say, then?' These are the opening words of Romans chapter 6 which we are considering now; one of Paul's 'what ... then's which keep recurring in Romans and which remind us that he is following a carefully ...


Deep Things Of Satan

Last month we referred to Satan masquerading as an angel of light through promotion of religious philosophy with a veneer of moral goodness which disguised fundamental rejection of God's revealed truth in the Lord Jesus Christ. Yet Satan has diverse ...



By reference to Isaiah 11:6,7 and Jeremiah 33:12 we get glimpses into the thoughts behind the expression 'He makes me to lie down' which concern rest, safety and shelter. Drawing upon shepherd Philip Keller's considerable practical experience, there seem to ...


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