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Called By Christ

I was never much good at games. Every week in the winter months I would stand in line at school as captains picked their football teams, not really listening for my name since I knew it would be among the ...


Called To Jesus

Whom do you resemble - mother, father, famous person, the dog? Are your features, your expressions, your mannerisms, your walk, your sense of humour so much like that person (okay, not the dog!) that others immediately notice the similarities? Thats ...


Called To Community

He wasn't there - again! Despite otherwise full pews, the empty space just seemed to glare at him. Perhaps it was because the man who usually sat there had done so faithfully every week for as many years as the ...



Nelson Mandela, ex-president of South Africa, was incarcerated at Robben Island penal colony for his anti-apartheid activities. For 18 years, he worked breaking rocks in a limestone quarry beneath the glaring sun. By the time of his release in 1990, ...


A Mighty Misapprehension

How often do you hear a young child described as mum or dad's 'little angel'? It's a curious thing, that acts of 'cuteness' or 'good' behaviour are approved in such a way. Maybe it's the traditional Christmas nativity play characters ...


Grasping God's Gift

The Lord Jesus Christ did no miracles during His visit to Samaria. Yet there are many wonders in His meeting with the woman of Sychar (John 4:1-43). It was a wonder that a Jew should ask a favour of a ...


A String Of Blessings

Sadie was in her seventies and my job as a nurse was sometimes to get her up in the morning. Sadie needed help with washing, dressing, using the bathroom and even putting her dentures in. She had her little ritual. ...


From Darkness To Light

One lovely Thursday morning in August 1992, the Almighty God displayed His wonderful work of grace when my Dad, Wellington Agbebakun Imoukhuede, was born again. He was about 75 years old when this great event took place. The change was ...



In a few weeks in the autumn of 2008 the economies of the developed nations of the world have come crashing down. No-one seems to be exempt; the rot started in the USA, with the so-called 'sub-prime' debacle, where money ...


From Exclusion To Inclusion

Life is about relationships. Life is about other people. For the Christian, life is about my relationship with God and other people. Probably all of us have a web of relationships, small or large, with family, neighbours, friends, and at ...


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