1909 Wholesome Words - page 1


Wholesome Words.

A Monthly Periodical for the Nurture of God’s Children.

VOL. 1.

JANUARY, 1909.

No. 1.

we welcome thee; WHOLESOME WORDS, Healthful may thy teaching be.

Only set forth what is right ;

Let thy words be clear and bright --

Easy speech that’s understood, Simple truth to do us good.

Open be for all God saith ;

Make us healthy in the Faith ;

Earnest for the Faith contend.

May God use thee to this end.

With intelligence combined, Word and work thus intertwined, Of God’s workings seek to tell, Reading which will us compel Deeds of service thus to do, Strengthened, cheered, by words from you.

A. F.


IT is with great pleasure that we write a few brief words as a

foreword to introduce WHOLESOME WORDS to the Community.

It is our hope and belief that the Community of the Son of God is now entering on a new era in which it may be, perhaps,


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