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Acknowledgements The late JL Ferguson, of treasured memory, had the vision to see the importance for succeeding generations of God’s people that even a few should know New Testament Greek at first hand. His encouragement led directly to the existence of this course.

At the same time it seems right to record sincere appreciation of the unstinting labour of those who typed the entire course with the exception only of the Greek words, namely Sheila Buchan and Christina Macdonald, both at that time in Glasgow. To Jim Bell of Vancouver we are indebted not only for entering all the Greek in handwritten form when the course was first produced, but also for valuable suggestions that improved the accuracy of what was written.

We also acknowledge our gratitude to Cambridge University Press for written permission to refer throughout the course to The Elements of New Testament Greek, and to SIL International ( for use of the embedded Gentium Unicode font and its polytonic Greek version in terms of the Open Font License.

To contact the author of this course please refer to

The course comes with no expectations. It may be followed in part or in its entirety at the pace and entirely at the discretion of the user.

The purpose of the whole endeavour is that God will be glorified through a closer understanding of His word.

Eric Archibald, December 2008.


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