RSS Feeds

What are RSS feed icon RSS feeds?

An RSS feed is an XML file that contains details of new updates relating to a particular website, webpage, news or other topic of interest. Most modern browsers allow these XML files to be viewed in a browser and allow you to "subscribe" to them (ie book mark the feed in your browser, which will then be checked for updates on a particular frequency).

The term RSS is generally accepted as being an acronym for 'Really Simple Syndication', although other similar definitions have also been claimed by various sources.

Webpages usually display links to feeds by displaying a small orange icon similar to the one above, or an orange icon displaying the letters RSS, XML or RDF.

How does this benefit me?

The real benefit of RSS is that it provides a mechanism for quickly checking for updates across a number of sites and/or topics very easily from one application, specifically an RSS feed reader (these are also sometimes referred to as News Aggregators). These RSS readers will consolidate the various feeds you have subscribed to and display the entries that have recently been added or updated.

The Golden Bells Calendar Feed

Here at Hayes Press, our main feed we currently offer is the Golden Bells Calendar feed. This provides a daily scripture and thought of the day. To subscribe to it, please use the link below:

  • Hayes Press: Golden Bells Calendar: Golden Bells is written to encourage devotional thought. It was this desire that caused Thomas Ken (1674-1711) to write hymns for his boys' class to sing morning, noon and night, the last verse of which always included these words: Praise God from whom all blessings flow. Praise Him all creatures here below. Praise Him above ye heavenly host. Praise Father, Son and Holy Ghost. It is our prayer that this daily calendar feed may prompt like expression of praise and adoration to our loving God.