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Moses escapes to Midian

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Moses Helps the Daughters of Jethro

Picture descriptions:

Scene 1: Moses by a well in Midian with the seven daughters of Jethro approaching
Scene 2: The shepherds chasing the girls and their flock away
Scene 3: Moses coming to their aid and rescuing them
Scene 4: The daughters watching as Moses draws from the well for them to water their flock
Scene 5: Arriving home early, Jethro asking why they were back so quickly
Scene 6: After hearing about the Egyptian who saved and helped them, Jethro invites Moses fora meal and asks him to settle there
Scene 7: Some time later, Moses and Zipporah with their baby son Gershom

Lesson points:

The life of Moses was split into 3 sections of 40 years - the first 40 years was spent in Egypt, this story marks the start of the next40 years that would be spent as a shepherd in Midian before beginning the last 40 years leading the children of Israel in thewilderness. As Moses arrived in Midian after fleeing from Egypt, he sat at a well where the daughters of Jethro (the priest ofMidian) came to water their flock came regularly. Moses witnessed the girls being bullied by shepherds who often chased themand their flock away to use the well first...but this time they had someone to defend them! The brave 'Egyptian' stepped inrescued them on his own. (Spiritual application: Moses had taken a stand to follow God. Although he fled Egypt after killing abrutal task master, Hebrews 11:24 teaches us that he CHOSE not to be the Son of Pharaoh's daughter - God was on his side ashe stood against the shepherds). Moses then showed kindness to the daughters of Jethro by drawing the water for them andwatering their flock. As the girls returned home, Jethro was surprised to see them so early and, after enquiring, discovered thatan Egyptian had shown them such kindness. It would be custom to return such a gesture, (and not leave Moses at the wellalone!) so the seven daughters were sent to invite Moses for a meal which he accepted. Jethro invited Moses to settle downwith his family where he could work as a shepherd, and in time Jethro gave Moses one of his daughters to marry. Her name wasZipporah and she and Moses had a baby boy named Gershom which means "I have been a stranger in a foreign land". (Spiritualapplication: The pace of life was very different from living in an Egyptian palace, but God was building up Moses and givinghim experiences that would be useful for what lay ahead many years later when He would call him and equip him for hisgreatest task yet - freeing His people from slavery). God was watching over Moses, meanwhile He was hearing the cries andpleas from His people in bondage and felt deep concern for their welfare. The plan to free them was approaching...!

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