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Provided here, free of charge, is access to our extensive archive of Bible Study and Needed Truth magazine articles, covering a wide-breath of scriptural topics.

Needed Truth

First published in 1888, Needed Truth is the teaching magazine offers a wealth of both scriptural teaching and devotional articles.View the article index...

Bible Studies

Launched in 1921, Bible Studies offers monthly discussion between churches on a subject chosen for each particular year. Both magazines provide a rich resource for the gleaning of a clear understanding of scripture, and a forum in which relevant questions can be resolved. View the Bible Study index...

Any questions regarding Needed Truth or Bible Studies, or their contents, please contact us here at Hayes Press.

Free download of the 2012 Bible Study syllabus: 2012 Syllabus (2011 Syllabus, Bible Study 2010)

Please refer to our Periodicals section on this site to purchase subscriptions to these and our other magazines.

The Churches of God, from which this material comes from, are a unique worldwide fellowship who maintain first century Bible convictions while aiming to keep pace with the pulse-beat of modern society.

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