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Apostle Jude (Men God Moved – Book 2) by Andy McIlree


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The apostle Jude’s letter can easily be read within BOOK TWO 5 minutes, yet it spans eternity past and future, history and prophecy, blessing and judgment, past revelation and fresh revelation, things known and not known, heaven’s glory and hell’s grief. And, like all Scripture, it has a God given relevance for us in the present day. It’s as if Jude wrote with the mindset of a surveyor, scanning the worrying spiritual landscape in front of him – 18 times in his short letter, he moves his surveyor’s ‘tripod’ of threes to drive his point home. In addition to exploring these, Bible teacher Andy McIlree unpacks each verse across seven key themes of Salutation, Salvation, Contention, Condemnation, Revelation, Benediction and Doxology. The result is an enlightening and practical study of a little understood, under appreciated and often forgotten part of our New Testament.

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