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The Message Compact Pink Soft Cover


The Message compact-size Bible is ideal for everyday reading. Its many useful features include:

Written in American English, clear typeface, single-column, verse-numbered paragraphs, premium dual-tone, Convenient size, and ribbon marker. This pink soft look leather Bible is handbag size and a useful everyday reading tool.

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The Message is a reading Bible translated from the original Greek and Hebrew scriptures by scholar, pastor, author and poet Eugene Peterson. He spent 10 years working on The Message after teaching in seminary and preaching in churches for more than thirty years. It combines the authority of the Word of God with the cadence and energy of American English and has been thoroughly checked and approved by twenty biblical scholars.

It is not intended to replace study Bibles; instead its purpose is to bring God’s Word to those who don’t understand the Bible or have lost interest in learning what it has to say. It brings familiar passages of the Bible to life.


Written in American English, single column, verse numbered paragraphs, dual-tone or bonded leather, compact size, clear typeset, ribbon marker. Pink soft imitation leather cover.


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Dimensions 140 × 35 × 205 mm