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The Church, Which is the Body of Christ


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The purpose of this short booklet is to provide an outline of Bible teaching on the glorious subject of the Church, which is the Body of Christ for the benefit of a wide range of Christian readers. It is an area of divine truth which gained fresh focus from Bible teachers of the 19th century in what became known as Brethren Assemblies, but the need has been felt to spell it out again because of its enduring beauty and importance for those who wish to serve God according to His Word. The aim has been brevity, clarity and scriptural support rather than an exhaustive treatise, and we have tried to include key practical implications.

The first section entitled “I Will Build My Church” deals with what this Church is; then we explore in “The Mystery of the Christ” the special revelation of it in the writings of the apostle Paul. There follows in “The Church the Body and Churches of God” an explanation of how it relates to what are called Churches of God in the New Testament. In “The Practical Implications of the Church the Body Truth” there is an account of lessons to be learned and applied, and finally in “A Glorious Vision” there is an attempt to pass on a more pictorial warmth and understanding.

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